Eman Schools will form 3 Spell Bowl teams this year.

Elementary (4th & 5th Grade Students)

Junior Level (6th-8th Grade Students)

Senior Level (9th Grade and UP!)

Spell Bowl is a team sport and yet you can be recognized individually, as well! Students are called to a stage area and are given the word to write on a sheet or paper or whiteboard.  Students have to write 7-9 words and then the next student from the team is called up. The team with the highest # of  correctly spelled words is the winner.  Individual spellers (even from NON-winning teams) are recognized if they spell all or almost all of their words correct.

We will need 10 students for Elementary Level, 10 for Junior Level, and 10-12 for Senior Level.

Call-outs (day to get information and join the team) will take place the week of August 22nd!

Reasons to join the Spell Bowl Team! 

Expand your Vocabulary!

Compete with other schools for individual & team awards! 

Have fun practicing with your team! 

You don’t have to spell out loud, like they do on TV! 

Impress your friends when you can spell and define words like: atlatl, bouillabaisse, and homunculus!

 These are the Official Spell Bowl Words for the 2011-2012 School Year.

Elementary List: http://www.iasp.org/iace/pdf/SpellWordListElementary.pdf

Junior Level List:  http://www.iasp.org/iace/pdf/SpellWordListJunior.pdf

Senior Level List:  http://www.iasp.org/iace/pdf/SpellWordListSenior.pdf

Upcoming Competitions are:

Senior Level Area Spell Bowl:  Monday October 17th

Junior Level Area Spell Bowl: Tuesday October 25th

Jr. & Sr. Level Spell Bowl State Finals (Purdue University): Saturday November 12th

Elementary Area Spell Bowl:  Thursday November 17th

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