Students in Grades 2nd-8th will be taking their Islamic Studies Standardized Exams on Tuesday May 8th, 2012

Students are tested in 4 areas:

  1. Quranic Studies
  2. Sirah and Hadith
  3. Aquidah, Fiqh, & Akhlaq &
  4. Islamic Social Studies

Reasons to take a Standardized Islamic Studies test are:

  • National Benefits
    • Unite Islamic Schools across North America
    • Establish a more Challenging and Meaningful Standard for Islamic Curricula

  • School Benefits
      • Evaluate Curriculum Effectiveness
      • Measure Student Achievement
      • Track Student Progress
      • Assess Instructional Methods and Best Practice
      • Use Program as Marketing Tool for the School
  • Student Benefits
      • Recognize need for Student Enrichment
      • Recognize need for Student Remediation
  • For more information about this test please visit:

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