Alhamdulilah, the following students are the semi-finalists from each grade.  There will be a school wide Spelling Bee on Friday Feb. 1st, immediately following the Character Education Assembly.  The top winner from the school wide spelling bee will participate in the Hamilton County Regional Spelling Bee on Tuesday March 5th at 6 p.m. at the Monon Center.

2nd Grade:  Adam Abu-Mahfouz & Shinta Hartono

3rd Grade:  Abla Abu-Mahfouz & Usmaan Saifuddin

4th Grade:  Sadia Khatri & Muntasir Munaf

5th Grade:  Tasneem Nada & Raihan Saifuddin

6th Grade:  Layla Afnan Mitiche & Yosef Arab

7th Grade:  Miriam Rimawi & Noor Abdullah

8th Grade:  Mahmoud Arab & Essa Siddiqui

Inshallah, the best speller will win!

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