Eman Schools 2013 Science Fair Winners!

1st Grade:  1st Place:  Zaynab Idrees  2nd Place:  Aleena Masood  3rd Place:  Aayan Mukul

2nd Grade:  1st Place:  Amina Mallick  2nd Place:  Adam Yassin  3rd Place:  Omar Chemmaoui

3rd Grade:  1st Place:  Maha Ahmed  2nd Place:  Safiya Sankari  3rd Place:  Maerah Mahmood

4th Grade:  1st Place:  Ilhaam Mahoui  2nd Place:  Adeba Mukul 3rd Place:  Zayd Alnachef

5th Grade:  1st Place:  Raihan Saifuddin  2nd Place:  Amin Rimawi 3rd Place:  Ariq Mukul

6th Grade:  1st Place:  Omar Mahmood  2nd Place:  Jannah Hassan 3rd Place:  Amir Haillat

7th Grade:  1st Place (tie):  Noor Abdullah & Hana Ghoneima  2nd Place:  Hisham Nafiseh  3rd Place:  Ezzeldeen Elsayed

8th Grade:   1st Place (tie):  Sara Alhaffar, Asmaa Mahoui & Amir Sankari  2nd Place:  Raneem Hijazi   3rd Place: Mahmoud Arab & Fatima Hassan

High School:  1st Place:  Iman Mahoui  2nd Place (tie):  Dana Alhaffar, Kyce Hassuneh & Mohammad Rashid

3rd Place (tie):  Hamza Bhai, Sarah Elassal & Amira Nafiseh

Alhamdulilah, all the projects were well done and students worked very hard.  All participants were given a Science Fair medal and cotton candy.

The top 3 projects in Grades 1st-8th will advance to the Central Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair) to be held on:

1st-5th Grades:  Saturday March 9th

6th-12th Grades:  Saturday March 16th

At Marian University in Indianapolis, IN

All 1st-3rd place finishers in High School will advance to CIRSEF on: Saturday March 16th

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