The next few months will be busy with standardized tests.
Please mark down the dates that pertain to your children and make sure to
your children go to bed early and have a nutritious breakfast!
March 4th-7th: ISTEP (3rd-8th Grades: Classrooms/written)
March 18th-19th: IREAD (3rd Grade: Computer Lab)
April 28th-May 9th: ISTEP (3rd-8th Grades: Computer Lab/Multiple Choice)
April 28th-May 2nd: Terra Nova (2nd Grade: Classroom)
May 5th-May 9th: Terra Nova (1st Grade: Classroom)
May 5th-May 16th: Core Link (3rd-8th Grades: Computer Lab)
May 6th: AP Computer Science (8 a.m. Classroom)
May 7th: AP Calculus (8 a.m. Classroom)
May 12th: AP Biology (8 a.m. Classroom)
AP Physics (12 noon Classroom)
May 12th & May 13th:  Islamic Studies Standardized Tests (2nd-8th Grades)
May 13th: AP Government (8 a.m. Classroom)
May 14th: AP US History ( 8 a.m. Classroom)
May 15th AP Econ (8 a.m. Classroom)
May 15th: English ECA (10th Grade: Computer Lab)
May 20th: Biology ECA (9th/10th Grades: Computer Lab)

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