Alhamdulilah, 16 of Eman Schools brightest competed at the Central Indiana Science Fair on 3/2! They are: Nuha Munaf, Zayd Sharief, Nura Fareed, Suphia Jaffery, Hala Urabi, Mariam Morad, Laila AbuMahfouz, Sanaa Saifuddin, Noor Rimawi, Amal Fareed, Amina Khan, Hadeel Saadeh, Manal Hussain, Jasmine Abulail, Ilhaam Mahoui & Safiya Sankari! Mabrook to our outstanding students!

Awards given:

6th Grade: 1st Place: Laila AbuMahfouz

9th Grade: 2nd Place: Safiya Sankari

10th Grade: 3rd Place: Ilhaam Mahoui

Laila & Safiya will present at the State Fair on 3/30/19! Break a Beaker!

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