ISACS- Accreditation

On February 11, 2021, in Services, by Mia Sankari

Eman Schools is proud to announce we have received ISACS (Independent Schools Association of the Central States) Provisional Accreditation. ISACS Accreditation is the premium accreditation committee in the United States for Independent Schools and Eman Schools is their 1st Islamic School to receive this accreditation!

JAK to our wonderful and hard working teachers, staff, admin and board members for achieving this milestone!

For those not familiar with ISACS accreditation, see other ISACS accredited schools here:

Through accreditation, the Association will require and support the work of each ISACS school to provide an equitable, affirming, safe, and just environment. 

ISACS focus is for Equity, Integrity & Continuous Improvement and we will do this by:


  • Promoting the health and well-being of all member schools and individuals in their communities, whatever their identity.
  • Moving our schools and our association toward embracing difference while recognizing our commonalities and learning from each other.
  • Promoting respect, the foundation of equity.


  • Measuring each school against its success in meeting its own mission.
  • Serving members and making decisions in a manner that is fair, honest, ethical, trustworthy, and based in principle.
  • Developing strategic direction and initiatives in a context of mindfulness of our purpose and “the whole.”

Continuous Improvement

  • Providing a system of accreditation based in institutional self reflection that facilitates a continuous process for schools to become “their best selves,” well aligned with good practice.
  • Offering resources and services that help schools and individual educators learn and thrive.
  • Using goal setting, data analysis, and reflection as an association to consider and direct our own work.

Inshallah, by working with ISACS, Eman Schools will continue to grow, prosper and be the leading Islamic Institution in the United States.