Alhamdulilah, We have 23 students who will advance to the CIRSEF (Central Indiana Regional Science & Engineering Fair)
on Saturday March 19, 2022 @ Marian University. 

MABROOK to all our students who participated!  We had over 110 students that were judged!

8th Grade Winners!
7th Grade Winners!
6th Grade Winners!
5th Grade Science Fair Winners!

4th Grade
1st Place- Hamza Farooq
2nd Place- TJ Oberlander
3rd Place- Jana Albared

5th Grade
1st Place- Adnan Aburajab
2nd Place- Abdulhamid Batal
3rd Place- Kareem Qattash

6th Grade
1st Place- Zeynep Erdogan
2nd Place- Anas Abdulmajid & Rayan Tayeh
3rd Place- Aya Becha & Sara Albared

7th Grade
1st Place- Musa Sethi
2nd Place- Marwa Khan
3rd Place- Abdourahman Diallo & Muhammad Ezzein

8th Grade
1st Place- Faris Safiia & Abdulrahman Aboshama
2nd Place- Saleh Bhai
3rd Place- Hala Urabi

1st Place-Sama Zahran
2nd Place- Nafisa Mohammed & Danya Rimawi
3rd Place- Fatima Alja

I could change anything on this website Abdulhamid!

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