January 22-(Wednesday)

Eman School at Rousseau McClellan School #91 6:15 pm start (arrive at 5:30 pm)

Address: 5111 Evanston Ave Indianapolis, IN 46205


January 27-(Monday)

Eman School at CFI #84 6:15 pm start time (arrive at 5:30 pm)

Address: 440 East 57th Street Indianapolis, IN 46220


February 3 -(Monday)

Eman School at Butler Lab 55 6:15 pm start time arrive at 5:30 pm

Address: 3330 N. Pennsylvania Ave Indlps, IN 46205


February 10-(Monday)

Eman School at Francis Parker School 6:15 pm start time arrive at 5:30 pm

Address: 2353 Columbia Ave Indianapolis, IN 46205



Eman School vs. Sidner Academy 9:00 am and vs. Butler Lab School at 11:00 AM same location above (Two Games)

Address: Games played at Arlington HS 4825 N. Arlington Ave Indlps, IN 46226


February 19-(Wednesday)

Eman School at Riley School 6:15 pm game time arrive at 5:30 pm

Address: 150 West 40th Street Indianapolis, IN 46208


Parents may be charge an admission fee to games**