CIRSEF (Central Indiana Regional Science & Engineering Fair)

ELEMENTARY DIVISION (1st-5th Grades held 3/3/12 at Marian University)

1st Grade- Outstanding Organization & Clarity- Amna Mallick
2nd Grade- Outstanding Organization & Clarity- Usmaan Saifuddin
4th Grade- 1st Place- Raihan Saifuddin

JUNIOR DIVISION & SENIOR DIVISION (6th-12th Grades held 3/10/12 at Marian University)

Air Force Award:  Kyce Hassuneh &  Mohammad Rashid

Water Crusader Award:  Noor Abdullah

U.S. Army Award:  Nourhan Abdelwahab & Dana Alhaffar

Dr. Benson/Eco Lab Award:  Kyce Hassuneh & Mohammad Rashid

Outstanding Display:  Hamza Bhai

Geoscience Award:  Hassan Abdelwahab

Stockholm Junior Water Prize:  Nouha Mitiche & Amira Nafiseh

South Central ASI Clinical Microbiology Award ($100) 1st Place: Nourhan Abdelwahab &  Dana Alhaffar

Junior Level (Attending State Science Fair on 3/31 at IUPUI):  Sara Alhaffar, Asmaa Mahoui, & Noor Abdullah

Senior Level (Attending State Science Fair on 3/31 at IUPUI):  Iman Mahoui, Kyce Hassuneh, Mohammad Rashid, Nourhan Abdelwahab & Dana Alhaffar

Alhamdulilah, Eman Schools is proud to announce our winners at the Indiana State Science Fair held at IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN

on Saturday March 31st, 2012.


Sara Alhaffar & Asmaa Mahoui (Outstanding Agriculture Project-$75.00 and a certificate)

Iman Mahoui (Outstanding Biomedical Project -$200.00 and a certificate)


Noor Abdullah (6th Grade-1st Place- $75.00 and a plaque)

Sara Alhaffar & Asmaa Mahoui (7th Grade-3rd Place-$25.00 and a plaque)

Iman Mahoui (9th Grade-2nd Place-$75.00 and a plaque)