The curriculum in Hamilton County Schools is aligned with the Indiana Standards as outlined by the Indiana Department of Education. The menu above shows the names of the various series that we use at Eman Schools to support that curriculum. Click on the title of the series for more information on the standard textbook series and programs used throughout PreK-12th. Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive. Instructors will always supplement these textbooks with individually developed lessons, field trips, activities, and external materials. These textbooks and programs are only foundational tools to assist the teacher in delivering curriculum to the students. The foundation for academic excellence is assuring that classroom instructors are not only qualified, but also talented and motivated individuals. Once the appropriate instructor is in place, it is a matter of providing that instructor with the tools necessary to deliver the academic knowledge and skills to the students. This is done through selection of textbooks, curriculum design, and program enhancements. Eman Schools has selected the textbooks created to meet the Indiana State Framework and Standards from well-known publishers from across the country.