All students in grades KG-8th Grades use the Everyday Mathematics program from the University of Chicago School Math Project.  This program teaches various levels of skills:

  • Beginning – exposure
  • Developing – students show some understanding but may not be able to apply or write the skill.
  • Secure – expect mastery

Mastery of skills occurs from repeated exposure over 2-3 years. Whole and small group instruction, questioning, dialogue, cooperative learning, and games are important components of this program.  For supplemental instruction, all students are given a Study Island account where they can polish up on their skills or accelerate in math.

Eman Schools offers dual credit college level math classes for students taking:

Finite Math, College Trignometry, College Algebra and College Calculus.  These classes are highly competitive and students must be placed in these classes based on PSAT/SAT scores.