CIRSEF- (1st-5th Grades)

Bassam Afaneh- Creative project design

Adam Kankari-Organization and Clarity

Hala Urabi- Outstanding project in cell biology

Laila AbuMahfouz-Original scientific thought


CIRSEF- (6th-12th Grades)

Raihan Saiffudin- Broadcom Masters Entry & State Science Fair Finalist

Sara Alhaffar- Central Association Microbiology Award

Asmaa Mahoui- State Science Fair Finalist

SEFI (2016)

Asmaa Mahoui-

11th Grade 1st Place- Plaque & $500

INTEL ISEF Finalist-Trip to Arizona in May 2016 & compete at INTEl International Competition

IUPUI Department of Biology Award- Certificate & $100

Women In Lilly Award- Certificate & $100

Young Female Scientific Excellence Award- Certificate & $100

INTEL (2016)

Mabrook to Asmaa Mahoui for her 3rd place award from the American Physiological Society (APS) at the INTEL International Science Fair held in Phoenix, AZ over the past week.  The 3rd Place award includes a certificate, t-shirt and $500.00