Eman School Parent Teacher Association

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Help Shine the Way, Join PTA Today!


Help Shine the Way, Join PTA Today!

Please check out our new website for news, events and volunteer opportunities http://emanschool.my-pta.org/

Eman School PTA: pta@emanschool.net

Eman Schools PTA social media sites:

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/eman_school_pta/

Facegook:  https://www.facebook.com/emanschoolPTA

2021-2022 Eman Schools PTA Officers

Dalia Kassas (President)

Leena Malichow (Vice-President)

Khoulod Alsabbagh (Treasurer)

Dina Alsabbagh (Secretary)

Alaa Alqawasmeh (Reflections Chair)

Shifa Tilfah (Fundraising Chair)

Afraa Hadidi (Volunteering Chair)

Maisa Khaskia (Membership Chair)

For more information about PTA and some great parenting resources, check out these websites.

Indiana PTA: www.indianapta.org

National PTA: www.pta.org