CIRSEF & HSEF Science Fair 2015

CIRSEF (1st-5th Grades):

Laila AbuMahfouz- 2nd Grade- Water Crusader Award

Maha Ahmed- 5th Grade- 3rd Place

Usmaan Saifuddin-5th Grade-1st Place (Will present at the State Science Fair)

CIRSEF (6th-12th Grades):

Water Crusader Award- Layla Afnane Mitiche- 8th Grade

US Marine Award- Jannah Hassan-8th Grade

Broadcom Masters-(Entry to advance to Semi-Finalist) Iman Masood & Ilhaam Mahoui- 6th Grade & Raihan Saifuddin-7th Grade

MS 6th Grade- 2nd Place- Ilhaam Mahoui & 1st Place Iman Masood (Both advancing to the State Science Fair)

MS 7th Grade-1st Place-Raihan Saifuddin (Advancing to the State Science Fair)

Ricoh Sustainable Award-Asmaa Rashid & Fatima Hassuneh (10th Grade)

ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Award- Fatima Hassan (10th Grade)

Marian University Ecolab Award (certificate & sweatshirt) Asmaa Rashid & Fatima Hassuneh (10th Grade)

US Stockholm Junior Regional Award- (entry to advance to DC) Muhammed Amir Sankari (10th Grade)

Central Association Microbiology Award 1st Place ($100) Muhammed Amir Sankari (10th Grade)

HS Advancing to the State Science Fair:  Asmaa Rashid, Fatima Hassuneh & Asmaa Mahoui

SEFI Results 2015

US Army Award/Certificate and Bag:  Usmaan Saifuddin (5th Grade)

Stockholm Water Prize:  Raihan Saifuddin (7th Grade)

3rd Place (Plaque & $50)-5th Grade:  Usmaan Saifuddin

2nd Place (Plaque & $100)-6th Grade:  Ilhaam Mahoui

3rd Place (Plaque & $100)-10th Grade:  Asmaa Mahoui

Asmaa Mahoui will also advance to the INTEL International Science Fair May 10th-17th in Pittsburgh, PA. (4th place in her category at INTEL- May 17th, 2015)


Muhammed Amir Sankari  has been selected as the Indiana State Representative (Only 1 per state) to present at the US Stockholm competition June 19-20th in Herndon, Virginia