2016 L. Arts-  (3rd-8th Grades):

2016 Math- (3rd-8th Grades):

2016 IREAD-3  100% PASS

2009 (3rd-8th Grades)  91.43 % PASS- Math and Language Arts

2010 (3rd-8th Grades)  97.2 % PASS- Math and Language Arts

2011 (3rd-8th Grades)  96.4% PASS- Math and Language Arts

2012 (3rd-8th Grades) 98.5 % PASS- Math and Language Arts 

2013 (3rd-8th Grades)  95% PASS Math &  98% PASS Language Arts

2012 IREAD-3 100% PASS

2013 IREAD-3 100% PASS

2014 IREAD-3-90% PASS

2015 IREAD-3  100% PASS

2016 IREAD-3  100% PASS

ECA’s (End of the Course Assessments) are mandatory to graduate in the State of Indiana in Algebra I and English 10

2010 ECA Results:  100% Pass

2011 ECA Results:  100% Pass

2012 ECA Results:  100% Pass

IDOE:  Rated Eman Schools EXEMPLARY- (2010-2016)



About ISTEP:  In Indiana, all students in grades 3 through 8 take the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress-Plus (ISTEP+). Based on Indiana’s Academic Standards, the test includes English/language arts and Mathematics at each grade, as well as Science in grades 4th and 6th and Social Studies in grades 5th & 7th.

Solid reading, writing and math skills are “must haves” for a successful future. ISTEP+ is designed to make sure you master these basics on your way to earning a high school diploma.

Once students have taken Algebra I (usually 7th-9th Grade), Biology I, and English 10, they will take their corresponding ECA exam.  ECA stands for End of Course Assessment.  In order to graduate in the State of Indiana, these exams are mandatory and passing will ensure graduation.  Students who do NOT pass this exam MUST obtain remediational help and retake the exam until they have passed.