What does Ben Bernake (1971), Bill Gates (1973), Mitch Daniels (1967), Iman Mahoui (2014), Sahar Abdullah, Imran Hussain, Amin Rimawi (2020), Omar Alhaffar, Iman Masood & Safiya Sankari (2021)  all have in common?  They are all National Merit Scholars!!

Alhamdulilah, Eman Schools has been notified by the National Merit Scholarship program that  Omar Alhaffar, Iman Masood & Safiya Sankari’s PSAT scores were some of the top in the nation when taken in October 2019.  (The National Merit Scholarship competition is only available for 11th grade students.) They were one of only hundreds in the State of Indiana to qualify.

The mission of National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) is to recognize and honor the academically talented students of the United States. NMSC accomplishes its mission by conducting nationwide academic scholarship programs. The enduring goals of NMSC’s scholarship programs are:

  • to promote a wider and deeper respect for learning in general and for exceptionally talented individuals in particular
  • to shine a spotlight on brilliant students and encourage the pursuit of academic excellence at all levels of education
  • to stimulate increased support from organizations that wish to sponsor scholarships for outstanding scholastic talent

National Merit Finalists- Omar Alhaffar, Iman Masood & Safiya Sankari- 2021

National Merit Commended Students-  Yasmein Ali & Judy Arab- 2021

National Merit Finalists- Sahar Abdullah, Imran Hussain & Amin Rimawi- 2020

National Merit Commended Student- M. Faizan Khan-2018

National Merit Commended Students- Sara Alhaffar & Amir Sankari-2016

National Merit Finalist- Iman Mahoui-2014

National Merit Commended Student- Dana Alhaffar-2013